A story of ENDURING friendship and adventure

Over 25 years ago our founder Craig embarked on a journey to China. This journey would spark an enchantment for people, culture and traditions.

China’s centuries old Spirit, Baijiu, was at the very heart of this experience.

Intrigued by the link between Baijiu’s unique fermentation process and its relationship to beer, Craig with a lot of help found a way to infuse craft beer with the very essence of Baijiu and Baijiu Beer was born.

Having produced a truly delicious beer which delivers a very real experience of the key flavour and aroma notes of Baijiu, Craig became fascinated by the way the beer bridged  cultural boundaries which have so often stopped traditional Baijiu from expanding to new markets.

Influenced and inspired by the way Chinese food has developed and evolved to enrapture western audiences for over a century the Baijiu Society was formed to do the same with this most enigmatic and yet beguiling of spirits.

Craig rounded up a cast of friends from a past life and together they have taken the seed of an idea and created a complete range of beers and six amazing contemporary versions of Baijiu all made in the UK.

In 2019 The Baijiu Society completed the build of its own distillery and blending facility to complement the brewery it acquired earlier that year. Our spirits are all made using a modern adaptation of the oldest of Chinese methods.

2019 and 2020 saw the Society launch in Hong Kong and China to rave reviews and 2021 sees our range hit the UK and other selected western markets.

Our aim remains the same. We are a group made up of both Western and Chinese Baijiu lovers who are on a mission to show the uninitiated how amazing Baijiu can be and how it deserves a place at the side of any starting spirit in any bar anywhere in the world. Our culturally blended versions are just the stating point and a gateway to a whole new world of experiences for the curious drinker.