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Our signature Baijiu is touched by the most subtle of botanical infusions bringing a delicate spiced element of star anise, clove and cinnamon. The perfect place to start, neat, over ice or in a classic B&T, paired with a quality tonic and a slice of fresh orange.

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The Spirit of Society was our very first Baijiu. Taking our fermented base and then creating an infusion reminiscent of some of our favourite gins delivers a subtle spice infusion that we blended specifically to work with tonic and to create the classic B&T. The Spirit of Society is a Baijiu for everyone, the perfect place to start your Baijiu journey.

Each of our Baijiu have their own character defined not only by the infusion but also by the way we can vary the Baijiu strength and intensity. We have created our mixologist index to give a guide to both sweetness and intensity.

The perfect B&T for us is a simple thing. A simple tonic water will allow the spiced elements to bloom in the carbonation and all we add is a single slice of orange to play alongside the subtle bitterness of the essential orange oils in the infusion. The Spirit of Society is our driest blend with a moderate intensity, perfect for tonic and for lighter applications in cocktails. It works especially well with spiced notes and fragrant elements.