East meets West

The Global Baijiu Society Cocktail Cocktail Competition

The Baijiu Society are looking to find brand ambassadors based in the UK, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In order to do this we have created our EAST MEET WEST cocktail competition.

Who can enter?

Any professional mixologist or bartender based in the UK, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

How can I enter?

Simply go to the EAST MEETS WEST section of our website and complete the entry form. Someone will then be in touch to explain what happens next.

Once I have entered and have product what then happens?

Get mixing and get creating! We want you to create a truly incredible cocktail. Once you have your creation ready you need to post an image of the final cocktail with garnish to Instagram and tag us using the hashtag #EMWbaijiusociety, give us the recipe and tell us the story behind the cocktail!

We also want you to tag as many people as you can! We will also be uplifting the entries from instagram to be part of our signature serve section of our website.

We will close the competition late 2022 when an international judging panel will select our winners.

The winners will be selected based on combined criteria from the results of a judging panel but also the number of votes they receive from our social media platforms, so the more friends you tag and get to vote the better.  

So what can I win?

It is a hell of a prize!

The winner will receive an amazing engagement contract with Baijiu Society that will see them become our brand ambassador for two years.

We will also take their winning cocktail and turn it in to a canned Baijiu Society cocktail which will be sold in all our markets giving them a 50% profit share! They will be involved in all aspects of the design and the product will carry their name!


Zen Punch - Carbon HK, Family
Huli Peach - Carbon HK, Life
Mr Yin - Carbon HK, BLAC
Rum Cacao - FactoryFloor, BLAC
Rejuvenate - Shangri La, Family
Pandalympics - Shangri La, Prosperity
Paper Lantern - FactoryFloor, Society
Cherry Sour - FactoryFloor, Love
Lychee Martini - FactoryFloor, Family
Yuzu Spritz - FactoryFloor, Prosperity
Strawberry & Hibiscus Baijiu - FactoryFloor, Society
Baijiu Has The Last Word - Dr Babbit, Love

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