Baijiu Beer is the perfect partner for Asian food.


Baijiu Beer Is the perfect partner for Asian food. A real Asian beer experience which marries the refreshing crispness of a cool beer with the more complex aromatic notes of Baijiu. So often our go to beer with Asian food is a cold European lager, but Baijiu Beer now offers diners a new and truly sympathetic paring blended to make your beer every bit as delicious and intriguing as the food.

The light nature of the beer, its slightly sweet finish and floral notes work perfectly with seafood, meat, and a whole host of Asian ingredients.

We always recommend that Baijiu Beer is served slightly warmer than most beers and not icy cold. Although an icy Baijiu Beer is truly amazing, when it is served a little warmer it really allows the complex aroma compounds to burst from the beer on pouring. We recommend that you use the two-pour method when enjoying Baijiu Beer.

Each bottle of Baijiu Beer is measured to two pours. Make sure the first pour is poured into a large globe glass or wine glass. Enjoy and pour the rest giving yourself two chances to release the incredible Baijiu aroma from the beer and get the full experience of this unique flavour blend, ripe fruit notes and aromas. Baijiu Beer is also light in carbonation and the carbonation uses very fine bubbles. The perfect balance is to have adequate carbonation to deliver a truly refreshing mouthfeel but ensure this is balanced to allow you to drink and eat lots!!