December 14, 2022

The story of Baijiu


Baijiu is a centuries old story and the national spirit drink of China. Baijiu is a generic term that literally means “clear spirit” and it comes in thousands of forms from thousands of producers across China. It can be made in many ways and from many base ingredients but at its heart is a distilled spirit which is strong, fiery and often flavoured with complex fermented elements. Baijiu is the world’s largest selling spirit by volume and the biggest brands in China are amongst the world’s largest and most valuable drinks businesses. Baijiu is usually drunk at banquets and dinner celebrations in small shot style cups.

The Baijiu Society have reimagined Baijiu in a way which is true to its age old ancestry This gives the drinker the unique and recognisable elements of the finest Chinese Baijiu achieved through a complex fermentation and distillation process that develops exactly the strains of alcohol we need to do this. We have then however made it smoother, slightly less fiery and created a truly contemporary and yet respectful Baijiu all of our own. We drink ours over ice, with mixers and cocktails but have ensured at all times it is smooth enough to take neat, even for unaccustomed western palates.

We love all kinds of Baijiu and strongly recommend our drinkers try China’s greatest Baijiu. The following are some of our favourites!